Florida Fictitious Name Renewal

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Florida Fictitious Name Renewal

Per Florida Statute 865.09, a fictitious name registered under this section shall be valid for a period beginning on the date of registration or reregistration and expiring on December 31 of the 5th calendar year thereafter, counting the period from registration or reregistration through December 31 of the year of registration or reregistration as the first calendar year.

Renewal of a fictitious name registration shall occur on or after January 1 and on or before December 31 of the expiration year.

Upon timely filing of a renewal statement, the effectiveness of the name registration is continued for 5 years.

If you fail to file the renewal, your registration will expire.

An expired fictitious name cannot be renewed or reinstated. You must file for a new fictitious name.

When you renew your fictitious name you can change the Mailing Address, County, FEI/EIN Number, and Owner Information. The only thing you cannot change is the Fictitious Name itself.

Please complete the Florida Fictitious Name Renewal form and we will renew your fictitious name for 5 years with the State of Florida.

Step 1 – Review your Fictitious Name information

Please read #1-4 below before proceeding.

  1. Enter your registration number below, including the “G”, then click “Submit”.
  2. A new tab will open in your browser with your fictitious name information on Sunbiz.
  3. Review the information on Sunbiz.
  4. Go back to our website and proceed to “Step 2 – Complete the order form” below.
Registration Number:

Please Note:

    1. If you receive a “Invalid document number” message then you have entered the wrong registration number.
    2. It is possible that you have two registration numbers. For example, if you registered your fictitious name in 2007, then you did not renew your fictitious name in 2012, but you re-registered your fictitious name in 2014 you will have a registration number on your Sunbiz profile that starts with G07 but since you re-registered your fictitious name in 2014 you will also have a registration number that will start with G14.

Step 2 – Complete the order form